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Digital Marketing Skills that Employers are Looking For


For a long time, marketing was limited to traditional advertising techniques such as print advertising, advertising on the radio, TV commercial, billboards, etc. However, over time, digital marketing has completely taken over in the marketing industry, and thanks to the increased ease and reduced cost of connectivity all over the world, it is now the top marketing trend that is used businesses, corporations, organisations, and institutions. This has led to a high demand of talented employees with the ability to market using digital marketing methods. Unfortunately, the increase in demand for digital marketing skills is quickly surpassing the talent that is currently available.

According to a report published in 2015 by Grovo, a corporate learning management services company, there is a high shortage of digital marketing skills that has never been experienced before. The report states that 90 % of digital marketers have reported experiencing problems with digital marketing skills shortage. Other marketers have reported experiencing difficulties in recruiting quality talent, which has resulted in a negative and expensive outcome on their productivity. More worrying is the fact that this problem is growing with each passing day, as more businesses turn to digital marketing as detailed at http://www.adweek.com/brandshare/digital-marketers-are-facing-crisis-s-costing-them-billions-163908.

Top digital marketing skills employers are looking for

In order to solve the current crisis in the digital marketing industry, new talent that possesses quality digital marketing skills must be cultivated. Below is a look at some of the top skills that employers offering digital marketing jobs are looking for as explained fully by leading UK recruiters at http://www.spherelondon.co.uk/roles-that-we-recruit-for:

  1. Online marketing

Online marketing is one of the main aspects of digital marketing, and several businesses and companies are now turning to it in a bid to reduce the cost of advertising and increase their market targeting capabilities. Therefore, there are several digital marketing jobs that are available for graduates who are skilled in the art of online marketing. This includes the following online marketing skills:

– Search engine optimisation – SEO is used by every business, organisation, and brand that has an online presence to increase their visibility

– Pay-per-click advertising – PPC is another online marketing skill that is in high demand, as several brands are using the technique to generate quality leads.

– Email marketing – despite being one of the oldest digital marketing trends, email marketing is still very popular today and several businesses use it to increase their sales. Email marketing specialists are therefore in high demand.

– Mobile marketing – mobile marketing is one of the top digital marketing skills that employers are looking for, especially with the exponential increase in the popularity of smartphones in the past few years, detailed at http://blog.firebrandtalent.com/2015/05/10-skills-a-digital-marketing-professional-must-have-to-succeed/.

  1. Digital selling

One of the main objectives of digital marketing is to provide a brand with various effective marketing strategies that can help them to increase brand awareness and promote the products and services they offer. However, once a brand has been promoted, it must be able to convert the generated leads, which is where the art of selling comes in. Therefore, several brands are in need of digital marketing specialists who can be able to sell the products and services they are offering, which makes digital selling a very important skill.

  1. Digital campaign management

Digital marketing cannot be successful without the creation and proper management of various digital marketing campaigns. As a result, several brands recruit specialists who are skilled in the art of creating creative digital marketing campaigns and managing them to ensure that they achieve the set objectives.

  1. Content management

Content marketing is a popular digital marketing trend that is being used by brands, both big and small, to increase brand awareness and win the trust of customers. Content marketing involves the creation of high-quality and engaging content in the form of web copy or blog posts. The content is then shared with the users through various platforms, for example, a brand’s website, blog, social media, etc.

With brands setting aside a significant part of their marketing budget to be used in content marketing, the skill has become very popular and a lot of businesses, as well as digital marketing agencies, are hiring people with good content marketing skills.

  1. Social media

The use of social media is a new trend in the digital marketing, which has helped to revolutionise the industry in a great way. In the current digital age, almost every employer is looking for employees with good social media skills, something that has helped various brands to leverage the power of social media networking sites to engage with their customers and millions of potential customers from all over the world. Brands are also using digital marketing specialists with good social media skills to develop a strong social media presence that can help to increase brand awareness.

  1. Programming

There is no doubt about the fact that digital marketing is the future of the marketing industry. However, what most people fail to realise is the fact that programming, or coding, is an integral part of digital marketing, as every software that is involved with the process must be coded – from the websites to mobile apps, analytic reports, etc. Programming is, therefore, one of the most important digital media skills that employers are looking for when recruiting talent, seen at http://www.spherelondon.co.uk/jobs.

  1. Analytics

Digital marketing mainly involves creating and implementing unique and creative digital marketing campaigns. However, for the marketing strategies to be successful, businesses must be able to track their progress and analyse the results to ensure that they are working perfectly. Analytics is, therefore, an important digital marketing skill, which several employers are always in need of.

Employers who recruit digital marketing talent

Digital marketing is a trend that is popular in almost all sectors of business nowadays. Below are some of the most common types of employers who recruit digital marketing talent:

  1. Media companies – media companies are one of the major markets for digital marketing talent, and they recruit several specialists to help them with the production and distribution of the content, as well as promotion of the brand, products, and services they offer
  2. Ad technology companies – ad technology companies are always in need of talented digital media specialist who can help them create and market mobile, video, and social advertising technology
  3. Marketing agencies– various businesses work with digital marketing agencies in order to create effective advertising strategies for their brands. Therefore, these agencies are always in need of top talent that can help them improve the quality of the services they offer.
  4. Recruitment agencies – a new trend in the digital marketing industry is the use of recruitment agencies that recruit digital marketing talent on behalf of various employers.

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