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Five Tips for Completing Your CPA CPE Requirements!

If you are a CPA, you probably know the importance of continuing education courses. Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is important and indispensable in many professions, including accounting, mainly to keep up with the changing industry norms, laws, regulations and practices. While CE requirements vary by state, a vast majority require CPAs to complete 40 CPE hours each year for license renewal. Besides the necessary requirements, 35 states also ask CPAs to complete an ethics course at periodically. These requirements can also vary. It is always advisable to check for IRS Ethics CPE requirements on a regular basis. In this post, we will suggest a few tips that may come handy for CPAs to complete their continuing education.

  • Firstly, don’t take CPE as a compulsion. Of course, you have to ensure compliance with the state accounting board’s requirements, but continuing education also help in expanding and exploring options as a professional. Nevertheless, experts suggest CPAs to follow the basic requirements carefully.
  • Make time. You may have endless professional commitments and clients, but CE is not just a choice. It gives you the edge to handle accounting and tax work better, and you need to be dedicated in your approach. Most states ask for just 40 CPE hours, which can be completed easily, if you can find two hours each week for self-study.
  • Some states have a cap on the number of credits you can get through self-study, so if you are keen on learning at home, it is recommended that you double check this aspect. For local courses, seminars, and training programs, follow your local CPA society for information.
  • There are some great websites that offer CPE courses for CPAs at affordable prices. Look for sites that can provide a mix of courses, right from IRS Ethics CPE to general state based courses, along with adequate support and free materials.

  • Start early. If your license renewal period is 3 years, you will need to complete 120 CPE hours. Most CPAs tend to push their continual education for the last minute, which is a grave mistake. In some states, you have to file annual CE report, but even if that’s not compulsory, CPAs and accounting firms are always subject to audits anyway.

If you know what you want to achieve as a CPA, sorting your CPE requirements and courses can be pretty easy. Check with a few websites now to find the right options.


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