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How did toppers of IBPS RRB 2017 prepare for the exam?

IBPS RRB is one of most lucrative exams for the banking sector that aspirants prepare for every year. Last year, many candidates topped the exams with flying colors, and the number is expected to increase this year as well. Every aspirant hopes to follow the footsteps of the toppers to go forward on their path to success. The following are some of the tips from the toppers that can help you move forward on your path.

  1. Math is one of the most time taking sections of the IBPS RRB exam. You need to be fast with the calculations, and your success depends on the amount of calculation that you can do in your mind. Putting every calculation on paper will increase the amount of time you take to solve each question. So, make sure that you practice calculating in mind as much as possible.

Solving puzzles are one of the best ways to practice the reasoning questions. You must also practice the textbook questions in the exam’s context. Focus on the verbal reasoning as many questions come from that part- Neeraj Agrawal

  1. You need to set your mind to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios. After giving the mock exams, I thought that I’d not even come near to clear the cutoff. But I prepared for the worst case scenario and that way I was able to clear the exams with ease.

Exam patterns change drastically everywhere, and that is the reason why searching the questions of various types online can help you in scoring better. You need to start preparing for the English section with the basics, and I used the book, Wren, and Martin, to prepare. I tried to add at least ten new words to my vocabulary every day, and at the time of the exam, there was a huge stock of words in my vocabulary. Daily reading would also help in solving the comprehensions- Chirag Gera

  1. It is important to have faith in yourself and try to work on your weaknesses. To clear the exams, you need to be well-versed in all the sections to raise your overall score- Md. Intshamuddin
  2. You need to develop a habit of learning more as that will help in the comprehension, jumbled paragraphs, or other such questions that come in your way. Improve reading and vocabulary by learning ten new words every day. You can write the word in the notebook and add a picture on its side to make sure you retain the word in your mind for a long time.

Make your own allotment of the quantity of work along with the quality of work that needs to be completed in a day. Keep increasing the amount of work and the time of studying. Your motivation needs to come from the within and only then you will be able to push yourself to success- Ashutosh Sharma

These strategies of the toppers should give you enough ideas to go forward on your way towards success.

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