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Scenario for Earning Professional Development Units (PDU) A PMP Certification

The Work Management Professional (PMP) credential represents a substantial gear switch to what you can do to work in the current work atmosphere. For the way you get the Professional Development Units (PDU) needed to resume your PMP, you may be facing relatively expense. Class trainings are usually relatively costly, with typical tuition charges varying between $250 and $500 each day, addressing a per PMP PDU price of between $30 and $65.

Think about this scenario for earning PDU credits:

1- You start through getting 15 PDUs just for being employed as an expert in Project Management Software more than a 3-year period (or 5 PDUs each year). This belongs to Category F.

2- Next, read a few project management software articles in 3 hrs, taking notes so that you can show you completely understood the information. This gives you 3 credits included in Category C (self-directed learning).

3- Then perform the same goes with a task management book or podcast to earn 2 PDUs. Again, be sure to try taking some notes that you could show to PMI in situation you receive audited. This could also fall in Category C.

4- Web seminar development can provide you with a few PDU credits, so have a couple of hrs to build up and generate a one-hour web seminar about PMP Certification, Earned Value Management or other topics of the interest and expertise in your organization. That will add 2 PDUs for your credit, included in Category D (creating new PM understanding).

5- If you are a experienced project manager, you are able to consult with your management and function a mentor to some junior PM, by investing one hour monthly over a8-month period it is simple to earn 8 PDUs. Again keeping records of the ending up in the junior PM would assist you in situation of audit.

Using the above you already planned for 30 PDUs for the 3-year cycle! The important thing ended up being to catch the possibilities, and also to understand different groups of PDU as based on the PMI.

6- When it comes to remaining 30 PDU credits, we highly recommend that you simply take a few structured online courses (totalling 30 hrs) in which you find out about a subject that you simply feel is missing inside your understanding portfolio like a project manager. This can be web based classes inside it project management software, finance, accounting, Six Sigma, or general management.

Earning Professional Development Units, regardless of how you obtain them, will need some degree of planning and research, but they may be built-into your everyday work if you are planning them correctly.

How to get PDU is a common FAQ of the career seeking clans. Online, you’ll come across with various forums where people talk about the different courses that come under PDU- Professional Development Unit. Usually, these are 3-year professional course.

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