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Singapore Language Schools: How to find a Language School That Most Closely Fits Your Requirements

As being a multilingual and open country where lots of languages are spoken, Singapore has a multitude of language schools. In the following paragraphs, I cover the different sorts and just what to bear in mind when choosing your school of preference.

Decision #1 Pure language school versus. hybrid school

Although some schools in Singapore concentrate on teaching languages alone, it’s very present with see private schools that combine language courses with course choices in hospitality, commerce or preparatory classes for entering Singapore’s primary or secondary schools.

These ‘hybrid’ schools are usually bigger, meaning they provide more services for their enrolled students, for example occasions which help in securing accommodations. They may also smooth the best way to follow-up studies within the city condition, as they’re going to have connections with local Universities and Polytechnics.

Around the switch side, the ‘pure’ language schools tend to be more centered on the word what curriculum. If you decide to sign up for a college that provides languages alone, you’ll frequently have the ability to benefit from language and culture related activities aside from the training.

Decision #2 EduTrust versus. non-Edutrust

EduTrust is Singapore’s plan for certifying private schools. EduTrust is needed for schools that provide full-time courses over a certain duration and classes for that the course charges are gone a specific amount. The upside of EduTrust is they should have obvious measures in spot to make certain school charges are secure and students are ensured.

However… paperwork. Simply registering for a language course usually requires 3 forms, to become completed personally. You have to prove you have health insurance may require to enroll in fee protection insurance or perhaps an Escrow arrangement for having to pay your lesson charges. In a nutshell, although it has some protection, EduTrust may also allow it to be rather complicated to really join your course, especially if you’re not located in Singapore.

Decision #3 Single versus. multiple language schools

Some schools choose to focus on one language while some provide a whole selection of different languages. You will find schools focusing on British, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and possibly other languages too.

Specialized language schools frequently provide a better developed curriculum and much more class start dates, so if you possess the chance, it’s certainly suggested to participate a training course in a single language school.


Singapore has various sorts of language schools. Should you come purely to understand a language, you’re best offered by selecting a college that focused on teaching one language only. Hybrid schools make the perfect option if you wish to pave the right path for more studies in Singapore.

Be it for the children or for the corporate people, Berlitz, the most trusted language school in Singapore has a tailored language program for all. Using up-to-date data as well as real life scenarios are the best parts of the training.

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