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Three Steps to Crack JEE Mains with Ease

Finding your way to a top engineering institute like IIT or NIT starts with Joint Entrance Examination. With the unparalleled and surging competition, it isn’t enough to just know the concepts anymore. Students often slog for hours in a day, mugging up concepts and getting ready for JEE. However, if you smart and know the right tricks, you can actually clear JEE mains without extensive study hours. It is more about efforts than time, and we have enlisted a few tips right for you.


  1. Start early

Do not wait for Class 12. Ideally, JEE preparation should start in Class 11, because that’s when you start learning the essential concepts and formulae of mathematics, physicals and chemistry. Start keeping note of all the new concepts you learn, and keep separate notebooks for all the three subjects. Also, try to check online to find the important dates and when you can fill JEE main advanced application form. This will help in planning the time in hand, so that you have enough time to take the test papers.

  1. Don’t underestimate coaching

A coaching institute can gear you towards great learning and systematic study, and it is best to do some research before you choose one. Try to see the frequency of the classes and the experience of the faculty, which are two important factors for the right choice. Apart from that, there are many online portals, websites and apps, where you can find a lot of details about JEE, right from questions, option to seek answers and take part in discussions and more. Experts can guide you on how to apply concepts for different problems and reduce the time spent on each question.

  1. Keep a balance

Balancing JEE preparation with school studies and exams can be overwhelming, but if you can start with a good approach, it doesn’t have to be tough. Plan your day beforehand, so that you don’t miss on the important things. It is also vital that you make time for other things, including games, TV and anything else that offers wholesome entertainment. Stress can take a toll as you start the preparation, so it is best to divert the mind at times. All you need is good two hours each day, so that you can brush the concepts and keep practicing.

Don’t miss on taking part in discussions and debates with your fellow friends for healthy learning!

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